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What to Expect when Working with a Custom Woodworker

Custom woodwork can make your home stand out among all others and ensure you achieve a look that you love. If you’re interested in seeing what your home could look like, Chicago Wood Floors can help. Our woodworkers are the best in the area and are incredibly talented with making flooring look exactly as our clients would like. If you’ve never worked with this types of professionals in the past, here’s what you can expect:

1. Design

What type of design do you want to achieve with your flooring? Do you want an exotic hardwood, a unique pattern, or a chance to add some character to your space? When in the design process you get a chance to make your vision become a reality. You tell the contractor what you’re interested in and they sketch out your vision. After you work out all of the details, they can finally begin to work on your flooring in your home.

2. Installation

The next step in the process of hardwood flooring is having the installation complete. Your contractor will begin by tearing out the old floor before they prepare for the new floor to go in. Once they do this, you will see your flooring come to life with the exact pattern or type of wood that you wanted. After everything has been installed, they will finish and seal the material so it’s safe and durable to walk in.

It’s as easy as this to have custom woodworking put in your home. What’s even better is that the contractor you work with will include you every step of the way so you are sure to love the results.

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