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Hardwood Stairs…

Should You Repair or Replace Your Hardwood Stairs Hardwood stairs can be a valuable investment in your home, leaving you with seamless flooring that mixes in beautifully with the rest of your house. However, when the stairs become damaged or creaky due to years of use, what’s the best course of action to take? At Chicago Wood Floors we recommend calling hardwood experts like ours to answer your questions, and here’s why: 1. Full Inspection Upon arriving at your home our contractors will take a look at your stairs to determine what the cause of the damage is. This is
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Custom Woodworker…

What to Expect when Working with a Custom Woodworker Custom woodwork can make your home stand out among all others and ensure you achieve a look that you love. If you’re interested in seeing what your home could look like, Chicago Wood Floors can help. Our woodworkers are the best in the area and are incredibly talented with making flooring look exactly as our clients would like. If you’ve never worked with this types of professionals in the past, here’s what you can expect: 1. Design What type of design do you want to achieve with your flooring? Do you
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